Living vicariously through friends

This site was meant to be about my many travels, but I’m so bogged down with what’s happening in the here and now that I haven’t managed to get that ticket and get on that plane for “the other side” of the planet.

Neither have I managed to chronicle the travels from the past, through Europe and in southern Africa…. I’ve got notes scribbled down that need to be typed out, and I’m slowing getting to them.

But in the meanwhile I have two friends who have traveled and are traveling at the moment.

I studied in Spain in 1980-81 and met a life-long friend there. She has returned to Spain often and plans to retire there. She writes about her experiences at

My other friend spent a year traveling and writing about her experiences at She published a book aout her experiences in 2019, so check it out. It’s called Walking over the Earth and can be found at (

Follow the experiences of these two travelers as they chronicle their experiences away from home!


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2 responses to “Living vicariously through friends

  1. he he, thanks chica!! once you get started, you’ll never stop 😉 I’m anxious to read of your travels as well. happy blogging!

  2. It’s looking good, Susan. Keep it rolling. I’m now at the Arctic Circle. awesome views.

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